The SpeedTools ZoneBench is a benchmarking application designed to measure the read and write speeds over an entire local storage device. That device can be either logical (such as a disk volume which is actually a RAID array made up of two or more disk drives) or physical (such as your internal ATA disk drive). ZoneBench also has the capability to measure the speed of read-only devices such as mounted CD and DVD data discs.

ZoneBench is a Universal Application.

The SpeedTools ZoneBench Main Window (60% size)

Test parameters can be easily modified to suit almost any testing situation with the click of a button. Clicking the " Change Test Options..." button brings up the Test Options window seen below.

The SpeedTools ZoneBench Test Options Window (full size)

Audio-visual content creation professionals will likely find ZoneBench a particularly useful tool to evaluate the minimum throughput requirements of their video capture storage devices. The target speed overlay feature was designed specifically for a quick reference tool to verify your device's minimum speed requirement. A target speed overlay is a white line or semi-opaque rectangle (if you are using a safety margin) which is drawn superimposed over the results graph on the main window. The line corresponds to the target speed measured in Megabytes per second. (See Main Window picture above.)

Measure read and write speed on all local writable mass storage devices. (Write testing requres the test device be unmounted during testing.)
Measure read speeds on read only devices such as CD/DVD ROM discs. (ZoneBench does not test CD/DVD burning speeds)
Save results in spreadsheet compatible file.
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[System Requirements]

MacOS X (10.2 or later)

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