Free Upate Policy

Intech shakes up the software world with exclusive "Free Update" program!

When Apple challenged us to "Think Different" we decided to ignore the faulty grammar and follow their advice. Here's our pledge: If you buy any stand-alone version of our products, we will make all future updates to that product available to you absolutely free via download from our web site.

Are we nuts? Well, maybe! Or, could it be that we understand that you're probably getting tired of being soaked every time Apple releases a new OS or some manufacturer releases a new drive that you've just got to have. Why should you have to pay again (and again and again)?

This unique free update program is our chance to show the rest of the software development community what great customer support is all about. And yes, we're throwing down the proverbial gauntlet and daring others to follow us.

So, what's the catch?

There is only one. For this program to be successful, it must be fully automated. In other words, the initial purchase price does not afford us the luxury of hiring people just to keep track of who is a legitimate retail copy holder vs. an OEM or non-customer. We freely acknowledge that this will require a small amount of responsibility on your part (i.e. don't lose your e-receipt). Because receiving your free update relies entirely on preserving your copy of your e-receipt, (included with your purchase), Intech strongly recommends that you backup your e-receipt and print it immediately after purchase! Intech has created an online password system which uses your online sales order number (from your e-receipt) and last name. This is why Intech recommends that you backup your e-receipt and maintain a printed copy of it as well.

Again, to be absolutely clear, this policy MUST be fully self-service and completely automated.

Does this mean that if you lose your e-receipt/order number that you're our of luck for receiving continued free updates?

Well, not exactly. As promised, we have completed our self-serve order number lookup system which will perform an automated lookup for all purchases made with the email address you provide. The lookup system is available from the retail login page. Note that if your email address does not show any purchases then you did NOT purchase your software from our web site. If you purchased our software from Digital River or MacGurus and still have your receipt, we will be happy to convert your order on a per request basis.

.. Not all copies qualify for the Free Update program. Please read the following:

That being said, we need to elaborate exactly who qualifies for the "Free Update" program. Intech can not offer this free program to OEM copy holders. The free update program is available only to customers who have purchased a SpeedTools retail software package as a stand-alone product either from the Intech web site or from an authorized Intech distributor.

So how do you know if you have a retail copy? You have a retail copy of SpeedTools if you purchased the software in one of the following manners.

1) Your software was packaged in a SpeedTools box. The box has a "Free Updates" emblem clearly displayed on the top right-hand corner.
2) You purchased an electronically downloadable version.

All other copies are considered OEM. OEM copy holders must purchase a retail version of the SpeedTools product to qualify for the free update offer.

Some OEM users will note that we have not restricted free updates to them in the past. Our reason for that is that we felt our products had not reached a level of maturity and compatibility with which we felt entirely satisfied. With our current releases, we believe our software is clearly a cut above the competition in stability, compatibility AND feature set. If you're an OEM customer used to regular updates, we encourage you to purchase our stand-alone versions to continue to experience our industry-leading standard of product support and value.