Frequently Asked Questions: SpeedTools Utilities

Welcome to the SpeedTools Utilities FAQ's
(Frequently Asked Questions) Page!

This page has been developed so that you can have the very latest information for recently discovered issues regarding our SpeedTools Utilities for MacOS X.

Before you begin, make sure to download and install the very latest version of the SpeedTools software. These FAQ's have been designed with our latest version in mind. Get the latest SpeedTools Utilities release.

Q. Can I purchase Intech's software products in retail stores or online distributors?
A. As of today, no. Mostly the reason is that to have done it right would have required more resources and infrastructure than we have had available in the past. However, we repeatedly have been asked of late by many of the major Mac retailers and distributors to make our software available for resale. So, hopefully, SpeedTools products will be in your favorite computer store very soon!.

Q. Is there an upgrade path for current HDST or CD/DVD SpeedTools customers?
A. Currently, no. But we hope to be able to build upon our improving customer management system to provide such abilities and offer a "customer loyalty" discount program in the near future.

Q. I just defragmented the files on my drive. Why don't I show a speed improvement with QuickBench?
A. QuickBench does not measure the speed of any of the files already on the disk. It creates new files specifically for testing purposes, reads and writes to those files, and then deletes those files when the testing is finished.

Q. I just backed up my boot volume to my another volume. Why won't it boot?
A. There are three possibilities. Most likely you had incorrect permissions on your backup destination drive when you performed the backup. To check this, click on the volume in the MacOS X Finder and do a "File->Get Info." Open the "Ownership & Permissions" disclosure triangle and examine the "Ignore ownership on this volume" check box. Make sure this box is checked and then re-perform the backup. A second possibility is that your Macintosh is not able to boot from the drive type. This is particularly likely if you have an older G4 or G3 Macintosh which may not be able to be booted from a FireWire or USB drive. The final possibility is that your FireWire bridge board is not capable of booting any Macintosh.