Revision Info: Hard Disk SpeedTools

Updated: November, 2003     (This will be the last version for this product)

--Version 3.6 (Latest Version)--

Utility Additions:

1) Added Intech's Disk Defrag Classic utility (requires MacOS 9.1 - MacOS 9.2.2)

HDST Changes:

1) Can create multiple DOS volumes (up to 9)
2) Added support for creating DOS volumes over 64 GB
3) Added ATA 100 support
4) Improved extended capacity ATA drive speeds on large transfers (over 128KB)
5) Added warning when launching HDST in Classic mode under MacOS X
6) When disconnecting a firewire removable disk which never had a cartridge mounted, the "Please reconnect..." message will no longer appear
7) Fixed selecting USB zip drive with no media if you have a firewire drive attached

FireWire driver changes:

1) Improved mounting support for drives with mulitple DOS volumes
2) When booting from a firewire drive with multiple volumes and custom icons for each volume, all volumes will now auto-mount correctly

QuickBench Changes & Additions:

1) Added bar graph mode.
2) Added option to increase extended test transfer sizes.

--Version 3.5--

New Software:

1. Intech is pleased to introduce our first applications written specifically and exclusively for MacOS X: Integrity X and QuickBench X. These programs are not simple ports but rather complete rewrites of our venerable Classic Mac OS versions. These new programs are designed to take full advantage of the new MacOS X runtime environment as well as the new Aqua interface.

Driver and Utility Additions:

1. Added ATA-6 extended drive (over 128 GB) support for Classic MacOS.

2. Changed partion map structure so that MacOS X 10.1 installation will no longer modify our partition scheme. IMPORTANT: Please run HDST and update all drives controlled by HDST prior to installing MacOS X.

3. Added restart and shutdown ejection tuning options to FireWire removable devices, just like our SCSI and ATA.

4. Modified write protection feature so that write protection settings are respected under MacOS X.

5. Added recognition of newer G4 CPU types to "info" dialog.

6. Improved bad sector detection and fixing on additional FireWire and USB drives.

7. Added driver support for FireWire MemoryStick readers.

-Version 3.4-- ..... TOP

Driver and Utility Additions:

1. Improved caching speed and intelligence of the HDST FireWire hard disk drivers.

2. Added support for 128MB and 230MB FireWire 3.5" Magneto Optical cartridges.

3. Corrected cosmetic redrawing error that would sometimes occur after a low-level format.

4. Added fixed disk USB driver (available as a free download from the Intech web site) support for InSystem Design (ISD) USB 2.0 compatible bridgeboards (model: ISD300). Currently, there are no available USB 2.0 compatible host adapter drivers for MacOS 8.6- 9.x. As a result, Intech's USB support is limited to the USB 1.1 specification under these OS versions until a host adapter driver (from a host adapter developer) becomes available.

5. Corrected issue involving the HDST 3.3 utility freezing or crashing during the device scan process if a Umax SCSI scanner was connected. The issue involved a known bug in the Umax firmware that we have been patching around for some time now. Unfortunately, the patch was inadvertently left out the HDST version 3.3 release.

-Version 3.3 - 3.3a-- ..... TOP

Driver and Utility Additions:

1. Added support for all CastleWood "branded" ATAPI and FireWire Orb 5.7GB products. The Orb 5.7GB drive is also supported when used with any third-party Oxford 911-based FireWire bridgeboard equipped drive enclosure.
2. Added "estimated time remaining" to HDST's "Take Over" and "Security Erase" features.
3. Increased performance for all non-LSI FireWire bridgboard based disk devices.
4. Added "Payload Size" selector feature for increased stability when using drives connected to certain FireWire PCI host adapters.
5. Added driver "Tune" button to HDST main window. The "Simple Bench" button has been removed, but the feature remains as a pull-down menu item.
6. Expanded HDST's FireWire support driver into three drivers to eliminate device type matching problems.
7. Added drive "Sleep" support to HDST FireWire drivers. The support further includes FireWire drive spin down upon system shutdown.

--Version 3.2-- ..... TOP

Driver and Utility Additions:

1. Added support for leading FireWire removable media drives including Iomega's Jazz™ and Zip™, many Magneto Optical models and Imation's SuperDisk™. FireWire SyQuest™ and ORB™ devices are currently NOT supported.
2. Corrected issue involving FireWire devices sometimes redisplaying vendor and capacity information from the device listed above in the HDST main utility window.
3. Corrected issue involving SCSI/ATA devices sometimes not waking up when in sleep mode under OS 9.1
4. Added an easy tab-based installer program with ability to remove system extensions feature.

--Version 3.1.1-- ..... TOP

Driver and Utility Additions:

1. Added a pseudo low-level format capability for ATA/EIDE and FireWire disk devices.
1. Since ATA/EIDE and FireWire devices do not support a true "low-level" format command,
1. our low-level format option now performs a "zero" media procedure for these devices.
1. Additionally, all bad sectors found while zeroing the media will be mapped out of use
1. automatically with the new feature.

2. Corrected issue involving some configurations not responding to the "C" key when booting from
2. CD is required.

3. Enhanced FireWire RAID striping when used with Indigita's SIM extensions.
2. The enhancements focus around better support for hot-plugability.

QuickBench™ v1.5 Additions:

1. Added Extended Benchmarking (allows for the benchmarking of larger data transfer sizes
1. from 2MB -10 MB).

--Version 3.1 -- ..... TOP

Driver and Utility Additions:

1. Added Native FireWire driver disk cache for improved performance.
2. Added greater SCSI controllers detail in the HDST utility Info Window.
3. Corrected issue involving not mounting SCSI Zip devices (introduced with 3.0).
4. Corrected rare issue involving drives who's firmware do not support SCSI 3.
5. Added full compatibility for FireWire drives with Norton Utilities.
6. Improved support for EIDE SuperDisk devices. The improved support now includes ability
6. to copy floppy disks using Apple's Disk Copy program and adds support for SuperDisk
6. drives connected to G4 (Sawtooth) systems.
7. Added "Driver Safe" mode. A feature specifically deesigned for troubleshooting problems
7. associated with hardware. Also, added ability to invoke "Driver Safe" at time of drive
7. setup (hold down the option key and click the setup button).
8 . Added ability to disable SCSI Sync (fast and ultra) and SCSI wide transfers for compatibility
8. with drives/busses that have hardware issues. This feature can be found in the Driver Options
8. window when a SCSI drive is selected.
9. Added ability to disable drive onboard write cache on ATA devices. This feature can be found
9. in the Driver Options window when a ATA drive is selected.
10. Added ability to select FireWire data transfer sizes for systems that are experiencing lockups or
10. data corruption. This feature can be found in the Driver Options window when a FireWire drive is selected.
11. Added greater compatibility with Indigita's FireWire SIM software.
12. Corrected issue that would sometimes prevent a low-level format from completing properly on certain
12. firmware revisions of ATAPI Zip drives.

QuickBench™ v1.0.2 Additions:

1. Enhanced to make benchmarks more accurate with certain caching drivers.

--Version 3.0-- ..... TOP

1. Added two-disk "QuickStripe" RAID level 0 "striping" support for fixed disk SCSI devices as well as fixed
1. ATA drives connected to TurboMax™/ACard™ PCI busses. HDST's QuickStripe technology is also
1. compatible with FireWire hard disk drives controlled by Indigita's SIM extension.
2. Added Native FireWire support for hard disk devices controlled by LSI, Indigita, Oxford, Shining, ADS
2. and Initio bridge boards (essentially every known bridge board technology to date).
3. Added ATA "Slave" booting capability.
4. Added DOS formatting ability for removable media cartridges.
5. Added SCSI Ultra 3 160 support.
6. Added "Deep Sleep" support for G4s & new PowerBooks. Previous Mac model sleep support has also
6. been enhanced. Deep Sleep driver compatibility has also been added for the Adaptec Ultra 3 160 PCI cards.
7. Added ATAPI SuperDisk (LS-120) support. The HDST utility now allows you to format/partition a
7. LS-120 MB disk from within its main setup utility and the HDST driver now allows you to format floppy
7. disks inserted into a SuperDisk drive using the Finder's "Erase Disk" function (just like as you would with
7. ordinary Apple floppy drives).
8. Added ability to low-level format ATAPI cartridge devices.
9. Added QuickBench™ universal volume-level benchmark utility (located in the SpeedTools Test Utilities
9. folder).
10. Added DOS formatted media testing compatibility to the Integrity utility.
11. Now recognize hardware write protection tabs on ATAPI removable disk cartridges.
12. Added a additional "Custom 3D Color Icons" to icon folder.
13. Created new HDST user's guide file which is now produced in a completely "stand-alone" format.
13. Adobe® Acrobat™ installation is no longer required to view its content.

--Version 2.7-- ..... TOP

1. Added the Integrity™ test software. A universal data transfer testing utility.
2. Added Fujitsu® ATAPI MO support in both HDST and the SpeedTools Extension.
3. Added print devices feature (contained in the "File" pull-down menu).
4. Added support for required Apple events.
5. Info screen now identifies G4 processors.
6. Corrected issue where HDST would sometimes crash on a PowerBook 3400 during scan.
7. Added auto scroll using up/down arrow keys in Volume Options window.
8. Added compatibility with the Indigita® FireWire bridge-board when using the Indigita SIM file.
9. Modified the HDST benchmark test to make ATA and SCSI transfer sizes the same (it now tests at 128K transfers). This allows a more direct comparison between ATA and SCSI drive performance. However, the test may now have the effect of slightly reducing the reported maximum transfer rate for some SCSI devices. This does NOT mean that your SCSI device or our driver software has become any slower. Previously, the test used 1024K transfers on SCSI devices which is a bit more accurate for calculating maximum SCSI speed, but we think the new tradeoff is worthwhile.

--Version 2.6-- ..... TOP

1. Added UltraDMA/66 (mode 3 and mode 4) support. UltraDMA/66 support is compatible with Apple's latest G4 (Sawtooth) model and later.

2. Added UltraDMA/66 support to the SpeedTools Extension for ATA/ATAPI removable media devices that may implement it in the future.

--Version 2.5.1-- ..... TOP

1. Added delay for ejecting cartridges at shutdown. The delay will insure that there is enough time for a cartridge to fully eject from a drive before the computer shuts its power off.
2. Corrected issue with the "Don't mount at startup" feature. The issue involved volumes sometimes not following your mounting selection if your drive was not setup to boot from the first volume.
3. Corrected issue that would not allow removable cartidges to be ejected under System 6.
4. Corrected cosmetic issue in Volume options window - prior to the correction, the last volume displayed in the window (if more than 5 volumes) would have some of its status info cut off (shown below the window).
5. Added auto mounting support for "Deltis" and "Most" Magneto Optical devices in the SpeedTools Extension.

--Version 2.5-- ..... TOP

1. Added ATAPI/ATA/EIDE removable media cartridge support. The new compatibility allows Hard Disk SpeedTools to fully setup and configure ZIP, Orb and other ATAPI/ATA/EIDE removable cartridge drives.
2. Added "volume level" write protection feature for all removable media cartridges.
3. Added ATAPI/ATA/EIDE removable media support in the SpeedTools Extension for automatic mounting.
4. Corrected issue with the Eject at restart and shut down feature in the Driver Options window. Previously, the feature did not always eject the cartridge when used with a certain drive models.

--Version 2.3-- ..... TOP

1. Added Volume Options control feature. This feature allows you to set volume level write protection and automatic volume mounting characteristics. Additionally, the feature allows for the manual mounting and unmounting of individual volumes and provides a quick method of viewing active volumes and their attributes such as HFS or HFS+ volume types.

Click to see the new Volume Options feature

2. Corrected issue that would sometimes prevent IDE/ATA drives from going to sleep.
3. Added complete SCSI and ATA sleep compatibility with the Sleeper (tm) utility from
St. Clair Software (R).

--Version 2.2.1-- ..... TOP

1. Added support for the Castlewood SCSI Orb (tm) removable cartridge drive.
2. Benchmark no longer overrides driver's transfer speed settings. If the drive is unformatted, the default (slowest) transfer method will be used. If the drive is controlled by a non-SpeedTools driver, the Benchmark test will reflect the speed of the drive as setup by that driver.
3. DMA restored for certain ATA drives connected to Alchemy-based (PPC 603e) motherboards. (DMA was set too low and would reduce speed in the 2.2 release)
4. In the main window, all ATA devices now show how the drive is connected (i.e. internal, media bay, PCMCIA).
5. The Device Test now automatically resets to the first block after a test has completed. This allows you to click the start button again to start another test without resetting block count manually first.
6. The Error counter in the Device Test window now updates the count on the fly. Previously, the total number of errors would be displayed only after a test had completed.

--Version 2.2-- ..... TOP

1. Added "Takeover device" feature. The feature allows you to install Hard Disk SpeedTools drivers on a device that has been previously setup using another utility without reformatting your drive.
2. Added SCSI Driver options. This new feature allows you to:

  • Choose SCSI disconnect method for added speed.
  • Choose if removable media cartridges are automatically ejected at Shut Down or Restart.

3. Added PowerBook Media Bay ATA fixed disk support.
4. Added: Return and Enter keys now default to "done" button in ATA Driver options window.
5. Added: Clicking the up or down arrow key now selects the first device if no device had been previously selected in main window.
6. Optimized graphics to display better/faster on monochrome screens (such as on MacPlus, SE, Classic and some PowerBook models). The new optimized graphics also significantly reduced the overall application size.
7. Corrected Info screen Processor ID and Bus Controller Family on 68000 machines.

--Version 2.1.1-- ..... TOP

1. Improved support for high capacity WD and IBM ATA drives on Ultra/33 busses.
2. Improved speed for ATA drives connected to Alchemy-based (PowerPC 603) computer systems.
3. Corrected ejection problem with removable media cartridges that contained multiple patitions.

--Version 2.1-- ..... TOP

1. Added "ATA Driver Options" window to allow custom configuration of ATA data transfer timing speeds. This feature is especially helpful for solving data corruption problems generated by hardware incompatibilities between certain ATA drives and the Macintosh ATA bus.
2. Added SCSI disk mode support for internal ATA Powerbook drives.
3. Added Ultra DMA mode display to "Info" window when a drive on an Ultra DMA bus is selected.
4. Corrected missing color desktop icon when the SpeedTools Extension loaded a driver for certain removable media cartridges.

--Version 2.0.1-- ..... TOP

1. Added color icon support in compliance with Apple's new Icon Services specification introduced in MacOS 8.5. Color icons are displayed for both fixed disk and removable media volumes. Pasting a new custom color icon onto a volume will override the driver's default color icon.
2. Added support for drives connected to the ProMax® TurboMax ATA (IDE) PCI bus card.
3. Due to incompatibilities between Western Digital drives and the Apple Ultra DMA/33 ATA bus, the data transfer timing parameters have been made more conservative for these installations.

--Version 2.0.0-- ..... TOP

1. Added ATA (IDE) support for individual fixed disk devices. It includes compatibility for ATA Manager 1 (as found in the Quadra 630) through ATA Manager 4 (as found in the Blue/White G3s). HD SpeedTools supports all fixed disk ATA drives that adhere to the ANSI ATA-2 and later specification. Additionally, HD SpeedTools incorporates support for the following ATA transfer modes:

PIO levels 0 - 4
Multi-word DMA 0 - 2
Ultra DMA 0 - 2

2. Added ATA Slave (Device 1) support for all desktop systems that support Device 0/1 configurations (Blue/White G3 and later).
3. Added ATA Ultra DMA/33 support for G3 systems equipped with an Ultra DMA/33 ATA bus (Blue/White G3 and later).
4. When creating volumes over 10 Gigabytes, the default volume name now includes the volume capacity as measured in Gigabytes instead of Megabytes. Megabyte values are still used for volume sizes less than 10 Gigabytes.

--Version 1.5.7-- ..... TOP

1. Added Disk Sleep capability for Macintosh Desktop models that support the Energy Saver Control Panel.
2. Eliminated all remaining -18 errors that would sometimes show up when quitting certain applications/CDEV's on certain machines. The error was not actually a real error and was harmless.
3. Removable cartridges are "flagged" as ejectable under MacOS 8 and higher. This causes removable media volumes to show up after fixed disk volumes under MacOS 8.5 and higher.
4. Corrected issue that would sometimes prevent the "Scan" button from redrawing properly on Macintosh models equipped with a monochrome screen/monitor.

--Version 1.5.6-- ..... TOP

1. Added driver checksum for Startup Manager.
2. HDST now shows bus info when an unsupported device is selected using the "Info" feature.
3. Corrected ejection issue involving the SONY 1.3 GB SMO-F521-00 Magneto Optical.
4. Added support for Deltis Magneto Optical devices in SpeedTools Extension.
5. Added support for IBM Magneto Optical devices in SpeedTools Extension.
6. Improved graphic refresh speed when using older/slower Macintosh models.

--Version 1.5.5-- ..... TOP

1. Configure LED's on newer IBM drives to function as an activity light.
2. Resolved issue involving possible data corruption within the Create/Delete Volumes dialog. Under certian circumstances, data could be lost when deleting a volume which was not the last volume.
3. Fixed "Get Info" driver identification. When SpeedTools volumes were taken over by some third party utilities, the SpeedTools "Info" feature would incorrectly report the drive as being controlled by SpeedTools.

--Version 1.5.4-- ..... TOP

1. Added support for Olympus MO in SpeedTools Extension.
2. Resolved issue in SpeedTools Extension where it tried to load a MO driver for Philips CD-ROM drives.
3. Resolved issue mounting cartridges formatted with Iomega PC software.
4. Resolved issue where the HDST program would sometimes hang when certain UMAX SCSI scanner models were connected to computer.

-Version 1.5.3-- ..... TOP

1. Resolved issue involving not displaying some ATAPI CD-ROM drives within the main window.
2. Added compatibility for Initio v1.06 Fast/Wide PCI SCSI card firmware.
3. Added support for Philips brand magneto optical drives in SpeedTools Extension.

-Version 1.5.2-- ..... TOP

1. Resolved issue involving Norton Utilities 4.0 reporting that the block count was invalid of a volume setup by previous versions of Hard Disk SpeedTools. The issue was not harmful to the disk or data contained on the disk eventhough Norton reported it as a major error.

--Version 1.5.1-- ..... TOP

1. Improved Quick Help scroll bar issue under MacOS 8.5.
2. Added support for Epson MO's in SpeedTools Extension.
3. Resolved falsely displayed -18 errors under MacOS 8.5.

--Version 1.5-- ..... TOP

1. Added Quick Help feature to main window - accessed by clicking the question mark button.
2. Added improved support for older Advansys PCI SCSI cards.
3. Improved ability to "take over" drives previously formatted with other third-party driver software.
4. Recognizes RAID drive configurations created by Hard Disk SpeedTools Pro.

--Version 1.4-- ..... TOP

1. Added "Info" button feature.
2. Added DOS and Windows volume mounting compatibility for removable media devices.
3. Added SCSI ID display to the SpeedTools Extension startup icon for removable devices.
4. Improved User Interface drawing speed while using older/slower Macintosh models.

--Version 1.3-- ..... TOP

1. Added complete Magneto Optical support including 512, 1024 and 2048 byte per sector media.
2. Added "Delete All" button to Create/Delete Volume window.
3. Added "Security Delete" feature to Create/Delete Volume window.
4. Added built-in Extended HFS (HFS+) support.
5. Added display of IDE/ATA Hard Disk devices.
6. Added native Power Macintosh support.
7. Added Volume capacity to new volume names.

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