Why Doesn't Intech offer a free HD SpeedTools Demo?

Updated: June 2000

The fact is, that we'd love to offer a free demo of our Hard Disk SpeedTools product. Unfortunately, we simply haven't figured out a good way to implement it. For example, let's say we put an expiration date in the demo version of the driver. If a customer tried out the software and forgot about the expiration date, Intech would effectively be forcing him to buy our product just to get access to his data again. Not a good solution. Even worse, if his boot drive timer expired, the consequences would be catastrophic.

On the other hand, if we just put a timer in the application, the user could setup all the drives he wants and probably be fine for many years to come without ever actually purchasing the software. We also thought about putting in a partition size limitation but that carries too many liabilities as well. So for now, if you have any questions about a particular device, please send us an e-mail or feel free to browse our downloadable HDST User's Guide files (minus the Glossary section) which may offer answers to some software functionality and other "how-to" questions.

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