Hard Disk SpeedTools Drive Compatibility

Hard Disk SpeedTools is compatible with virtually every top-selling SCSI, IDE/ATA and FireWire hard disk and removable disk cartridge device.

Since Hard Disk SpeedTools is compatible with so many devices, its far more efficient to list the devices that are known NOT to be supported or completely supported. If your drive is not listed below, its safe to assume that your drive is compatible.

Additional HDST FireWire Disk compatibility can be found here.

  Devices not compatible:

1. HDST is not fully compatible with dual function drives which support both CD-ROM and rewritable Magneto Optical media (phase change). For complete functionality, these devices require a dual CD/MO driver. Currently, HDST will allow you to use and setup this device as a Magneto Optical drive exclusively. We do not expect to add full CD/MO dual driver support for these older devices anytime soon.

2. As of version 3.4, HDST supports a limited amount of USB hard disk devices. The support is currently limited to hard disk only devices (non-removable media) which have been assembled using an InSystem Design USB 2.0 (model ISD 300) bridge board. Additional notes about this compatibility can be found on our software download page

3. HDST is not compatible with DVD-RAM media setup.

4. HDST will support any drive connected to a TurboMax or ACard that does not have an existing compatibility problem with these cards. In other words, there are known ATA drives (namely older Maxtors) out there that do not get along with these cards. We wouldn't say that there are a lot of these drives models out there, but there certainly are a few. If you experience problems with a drive connected to one of these cards, you need to know that this is a hardware compatibility problem not software. Intech strongly recommends that you contact ProMax (makers of the TurboMax) or ACard (makers of an equivalent ATA card) and verify the hardware compatibility of your drive with either of these cards before you purchase. Intech will not provide a refund for this problem because it is clearly a hardware limitation and there is absolutely nothing further that we can do as a driver to better the compatibility experience in these problem instances.

  Other compatibility notes:

1. Hard Disk SpeedTools supports hard drives connected to PowerBooks using PCMCIA (PC Memory Card) busses. However, the current support does not allow drives connected to these style busses to be bootable. We expect our support to include bootability in a future release.

2. HDST's QuickStripe™ technology is compatible with fixed disk SCSI devices. The support also includes fixed ATA drives connected to TurboMax / ACard PCI busses and FireWire hard disk drives controlled by Indigita's SIM extension. Further, you can mix and match any of the above to create your QuickStripe pair.

3. EIDE SuperDisks are fully supported by HDST. However, they are not bootable on the Macintosh. This is a hardware limitation, not an HDST limitation.