Intech's Drive PC is designed to format FireWire, USB and, as of version 2.0, PATA/SATA drives for use with both Macintosh and Microsoft Windows based computers. This is accomplished by writing PC-style partition maps on the drive and creating PC file directories on the partition volumes. Since both Classic MacOS and MacOS X can read and write to PC formatted drives, drives formatted in this way can be easily moved and connected back and forth between a variety of computers running MacOS, as well as Windows versions 95b, 98, 98SE, Me, NT, 2000 and XP.

Large drive limitations in MacOS X versions prior to 10.3

Furthermore, all MacOS X versions through 10.2.8 cannot mount PC formatted volumes which are larger than 128 GB. Drive PC allows you to circumvent this limitation on drives greater than 128 GB by partitioning them into two or more smaller volumes. No other software available today allows for the creation of multiple PC partitions under MacOS X.

The SpeedTools DrivePC Main Window

Creates Fat32 PC partitions compatible with MS Windows™ (98 and later)
PC partitions also compatible with MacOS 9 & all versions of MacOS X
Solves 128GB PC disk problem with all versions of MacOS X 10.2
Allows creation of up to 9 equally-sized PC partitions
Easy to use Interface
Free Updates for Life! (via download)

[System Requirements]

MacOS X (10.2 or later)
FireWire or USB Fixed or Removable Disk Drive

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