SpeedTools QuickStripe

About QuickStripe

Intech's QuickStripe technology allows you to quickly setup any two hard disk drives which use the SCSI command set. This includes actual SCSI drives, ATA drives connected to most third-party PCI ATA host bus adapters, and FireWire drives which have the SpeedTools FireSCSI extensions installed.

Perhaps the most important feature of QuickStripe is the ability to select the size of the segments used in the striping process. Stripe block sizes from 2K to 64K are available. Customizing this value will allow to tailor your speed requirements to best match the type of data transfers you expect to encounter. In general, if you deal with large numbers of small files, choose a smaller stripe block size. If you commonly read and write large "chuncks" of data chose a larger stripe block size. See picture below.