SpeedTools QuickBench Classic

Intech's QuickBench Classic™ utility is an application which can measure eleven different data transfer sizes under four different scenarios: Sequential Reads, Sequential Writes, Random Reads and Random Writes. The results take into account four of the following influences: drive performance, driver performance, bus capability and your drive's onboard caching capability.

QuickBench provides two ways to view your benchmark results; in a dynamic graphing presentation or in a precise numeric presentation. In addition, the QuickBench utility provides a way to save your test results as a file which can be viewed and/or printed using Apple's SimpleText™ utility.

New with version 1.5: QuickBench utility now offers the Extended tests! Extended tests measure the speed of transfer sizes between 2 and 10 Megabytes. While this is far beyond what most drives will see with real applications, it nevertheless offers an interesting look at the maximum sustainable speed your drive and computer can achieve together within your current configuration.

QuickBench is universal too, in that, it can measure more than just hard drives. QuickBench can be used to benchmark just about any mounted writable volume - like RAM disks! Additionally, it is compatible with any Macintosh model that supports "drag and drop"... even a Mac Plus!

QuickBench™ Screens