SpeedTools Integrity Classic

Does your computer suffer from mysterious system crashes or freezes? Do your files sometimes become corrupt, missing or regularly need repair? Did you know things as simple as termination setup, DMA timing or even poor quality cables could be the source of these and many other "weird" system problems?

We know, and that's why we're proud to introduce Integrity™. The universal data transfer test utility.

The Integrity™ utility is an application which began life as an in-house testing program here at Intech. This simple to use utility quickly proved to be one of our most trusted development tools. It creates a test file, writes a revolving data pattern to the disk and reads it back in, each time comparing the data pattern to the original. We've used this utility extensively to diagnose problems with SCSI drive configurations, ATA DMA timing settings and even monitor software products currently in development. Because this test utility has been valuable in detecting so many types of problems, we are very excited to now included it free with every Hard Disk SpeedTools product -- for your added peace of mind!