Revision Info: CD/DVD SpeedTools

CD/DVD SpeedTools recent revision history:

Updated: 08/23/2002

--Version 6.0 (Latest Version)--

Driver Update:

1. Added support for Apple's Disc Burner and iTunes products.

2. Added support for PCI ATA cards which support ATAPI CD/DVD devices.

3. Improved integration with Thomas Templeman's Joliet Volume Access product.

4. Corrected disc mounting issue involving a few commercially distributed CDs.

5. Added support for ACard's SCSI to IDE bridgeboard..

6. Added tray close support using the eject key on extended keyboards.

--Version 5.7--

Driver Update:

1. Added support for more drives with Toast Audio Extraction.
2. Added ability to individually enable/disable CD-DA for SCSI and ATAPI devices.
3. Added ability to "force" initialze DVD-RAM cartridges. (See User's Guide for more details).
4. Improved write speed for all DVD-RAM devices.
5. Improved support for Virtual PC™.
6. Corrected issue where crashing under 9.1 might occur when multiple users has been enabled.
7. Corrected Virtual Game Station™ support (broken in 5.6).

8. Corrected "choppy cursor" problem with iTunes™ and SoundJam™.

Installer Update:

1. Added ability to remove CD/DVD SpeedTools System Folder components.

--Version 5.6--

Driver Update:

1. Added support for Virtual PC 4.0.
2. Added support for Diablo II.

--Version 5.5--

Driver Update:

1. Added support for CD Digital Audio playback. For details on CD-DA see: Apple Tech Note 1187.

--Version 5.1--

Driver Update:

1. Added complete reading/writing support for SCSI and ATAPI DVD-RAM devices.
2. Added support for Hitachi CD/DVD devices.
3. Added support for Creative Labs CD/DVD devices.
4. Corrected occasional problem with asychronous streaming cache reloads (introduced in 5.0).

--Version 5.0--

Driver Update:

1. Added DVD Movie playback compatibility (using Apple DVD player software v1.3 or v2.2) for most
1. ATAPI and SCSI DVD devices. Requires Apple MPEG software or hardware decoding ability.
2. Accelerated asynchronous file manager tasks such as Finder copying, opening files and launching
2. applications by up to 20%.
3. Added support for SCSI "Wide" CD/DVD devices above ID 7.
4. VCD support is now asynchronous compatible.
5. Improved audio extraction speed for certain Matsushita® SCSI drives (using Toast).
6. Improved audio extraction reliability for Matsushita CR-508 XS03 SCSI devices.
7. Added VCD playback on Matsushita CR-508 XS03 SCSI and addtional Panasonic models.
8. Added Indigita® FireWire SIM support.
9. Added "deep sleep" support for G4 and later Mac models.
10. Added message when using the "Search & Load" button to display number of drivers loaded.
11. Added LaCie drive support.

Audio Player and Cache Monitor Update:

1. Added support for wide drives above ID 7.

--Version 4.5--

Driver Update:

1. Added support for Nomai CD-RW devices.
2. Added support for Imation CD-RW devices.
3. Added larger directory cache ability (now supports up to 512MB cache selections).
4. Added support for Powerbook 1400 media bay.
5. Reversed loading order for ATAPI and SCSI devices. ATAPI device drivers now load first.
6. Improved TOC data requesting for CD devices with buggy firmware. This will allow some drives to be
6. more compatible MP3 players and encoders.
7. Corrected SoundJam incompatibility with certain NEC drives.
8. Improved MacOS 9 stability with large directory caches (over 16MB).
9. Added 'dvrf' and 'info' gestalt selectors for MacOS 9.
10. Corrected ejection problem on SONY 12x SCSI devices.

Control Panel Update:

1. Added Shutdown/Restart ejection options.
2. Added Quick Driver Search and Load button. Using this button, drivers can now be loaded after boot time.

Audio Payer and Cache Monitor Update:

1. Added required Apple events compatibility

New User's Guide (version 3.0e):

1. Soft User's Guide file has become a stand-alone document. Previous version customers may now download and update their previous soft user's guide file from our web site (download center).

--Version 4.1--

Driver Update:

1. Added asynchronous audio extraction support. For enhanced compatibility with true digital audio players such SoundJam and Macast (formally MacAmp).
2. Corrected issue that could prevent CDs from ejecting properly under System 6.
3. Added support for the Sanyo 8x/20x mechanism (R800 series).

--Version 4.0.2--

Driver Update:

1. Added support for MacAmp.
2. Added support for Video CD's with SCSI 12x and 24x Cyberdrive.
3. Added support for track skipping with Apple CD Audio Player with Kenwood TrueX drives.

Audio Player Update:

1. Corrected audio stop issue with Kenwood TrueX drives.

--Version 4.0.1--

Driver Update:

1. Added Kenwood TrueX SCSI CD-ROM support.
2. Added Philips (APS) CD/RW 3600 2x2x6 support.
3. Corrected channel issues with Apple CD Audio Player that would occur with certain drive models.
4. Corrected repeat track issues with Apple CD Audio Player that would occur with certain drive models.
5. Corrected several audio issues with certain game titles.

Audio Player Update:

1. Prevented clicking on close box when player is minimized.
2. Range check first digit of keypad track skipping.

--Version 4.0--

Driver Update:

1. Added IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM drive support.
2. Added support for Connectix Virtual Game Station.

    NOTE: Due to some drive firmware limitations beyond our control, not all CD devices will support VGS or may perform under VGS poorly.

3. Improved and expanded startup icons.
4. Added warning message to CD-ROM SpeedTools installer program if you're missing required CD support files.
5. Added fix for missing "Play Track" command not contained in Teac 32x Rev A firmware.
6. Corrected multiple volume eject issue.
7. Added audio extraction support for Ricoh CD R/W drives.
8. Added fix for CyberDrive (firmware issue) that would prevent automatic last track playback.

Audio Player Update:

1. Added ability to select and play audio CDs loaded in IDE/ATAPI drives.

Cache Monitorª Update:

2. Added ability to monitor cache information for IDE/ATAPI CD drives.

--Version 3.9.8--

Driver Update:

1. Added support for the following third party CD related programs:

  • NetCD 1.6.5
  • TitleTrack 2.0
  • Audiofile Internet Companion 1.1

2. Improved multiple CD ejections/insertions while using the Apple CD Audio Player.
3. Corrected broken support for certain NEC CD-ROM drives. (introduced in 3.9.7)
4. Corrected occasional CD mounting problem with some first generation PowerMacs.

Audio Player Update:

1. Modified the Intech Audio Player programs to get around the CyberDrive last-track firmware issue.
1. The issue would prevent the last track from being played when playing an entire audio CD.
1. This solution however, does not fix the issue when using other audio playback software.
2. Corrected issue where hitting the track back button while in pause mode skipped back one track
2. instead of going to the beginning of track.
3. Corrected issue where typing in track number while in pause mode would cause playback to resume.

--Version 3.9.7--

Driver Update:

1. Added 32-bit Color Desktop Icon Support for MacOS 8.5 and later.
2. Added Optima Technology CD-R drive support.
3. Corrected Toast audio extraction issues on certain Pioneer CD models.
4. Corrected occasional Audio CD mounting/ejecting problem when using the Apple CD Audio player.
5. Added Plextor 40X SCSI-Wide support. (Currently the support is compatible with SCSI IDs 0-6 only).
SCSI ID 7-15 compatibility will be added in a future release.

Audio Player Update:

1. Added internal changes to accommodate audio control support for Optima Technology CD-R drives.

--Version 3.9.6--

Driver Update:

1. Corrected issue were CD-ROM SpeedTools would improperly identify some Teac CD-R models as a Teac CD-ROM model. As a result, an improper driver would be loaded for these particular Teac CD-R models causing some audio incompatibilities.
2. Eliminated occasional -18 errors that would sometimes show up when quitting certain applications/CDEV's on certain machines. The error was not actually a real error and was harmless.

--Version 3.9.5--

Driver Update:

1. Fixed issue preventing successful audio extraction using Toast CD recording software with Yamaha CD-R models and Teac CD-ROM models. The issue was introduced with version 3.9.4.
2. Added audio extraction compatibility using Toast CD recording software with Teac CD-R models and Pioneer 24x CD-ROM models.

--Version 3.9.4--

Driver Update:

1. Now mounts all sessions of photo CD's as a single volume (like Apple).
2. Fixed mounting problem with some types of Video CD's.
3. Corrected premature stoppage of Video CD's on some mechanisms.
4. Converted TOC type 6 data on Poineer drives to make compatible with Toast CD-DA extraction.
5. Improved TOC type 4 reporting on certain mechanisms.

--Version 3.9.3--

Driver Update:

1. Corrected multi-session PhotoCD mounting issue.
2. Volume levels are no longer restored to maximum upon the insertion of a new Audio CD.
3. Corrected issue which mounted "ghost" audio CD desktop icons using some Philips CD Drive models.

--Version 3.9.2--

Audio Player Update:

1. Corrected issue where TEAC 32x drives would sometimes not play audio CD's.
2. Corrected issue where play button would start playback at the last track for certain CD-ROM drive models.
3. Corrected issue where audio player would not successfuly skip tracks when shuffle was active and playback was in progress for certain CD-ROM drive models.

Cache Monitor Update:

1. Corrected issue where the Cache Monitor program would display no cache information on certain CD-ROM drive models.

--Version 3.9.1--

Driver Update:

1. Fixed ultra-slow data access on certain Apple branded CD-ROM drives when connected to the internal bus of a Macintosh model equipped with two built-in busses.
2. Prevented long delays when transitioning within certain third-party EnhancedCD players running on certain CD-ROM drive models. The issue involved these EnhancedCD applications passing an invalid audio addresses. CD-ROM SpeedTools now detects an invalid audio address and corrects it automatically.
3. New Feature! You can now mount EnhancedCDs as audio only CDs to allow QuickTime-based audio extraction of the audio tracks and to allow uninterrupted audio playback. To invoke this feature, hold down the Control key and insert an EnhancedCD. CD-ROM SpeedTools will mount the disc as if it were a standard Audio CD. To have CD-ROM SpeedTools mount the disc as an EnhancedCD again, simply eject the disc and reinsert it.
4. Corrected issue which involved receiving Type 2 errors that would occationally occur under MacOS 8.5 when opening files.

Installer Update:

1. Corrected cosmetic issue involving a scroll bar in the CD-ROM SpeedTools installer program under MacOS 8.5.

--Version 3.9--

Driver Update:

1. Added Disc format mounting control. See the "User's Guide Addendum" file included with this software for instructions on using this feature.
2. Added "Maximum" AppleCD Audio Player compatibility. This feature allows most third-party CD-ROM drives controlled by CD-ROM SpeedTools to play Audio CD's from within the AppleCD Audio Player. However, because of the lack of standards among non-Apple CD-ROM drives, not all features of Apple Player will work flawlessly, hence "Maximum" compatibility. Intech's compatibility with the Apple CD Player allows you to run most of the Audio CD shareware programs which were designed only for Apple CD-ROM drives.
3. Corrected compatibility issue with VideoCD under MacOS 8.1.
4. Added Audio Extraction support for the CyberDrive 24X mechanism.
5. Added EnhancedCD support.

Audio Player Update:

1. Made internal changes to accommodate the added AppleCD Audio player compatibility.
2. Added Track skip ability using the number keys of the keyboard. See the "User's Guide Addendum" file included with this software for instructions on using this feature.
3. Added ability to click either Play OR Pause to resume audio playback from a paused state.

--Version 3.8--

Driver Update:

1. Corrected infrequent issue where older style Macintoshes with 4MB or less of installed RAM memory would sometimes not mount CDs. To continue support for these older computer models, the Directory Cache will automatically be switched off when the CD-ROM SpeedTools Control Panel detects the presence of 4MB or less of installed RAM. The Streaming Cache selection will remain in effect on these computer models.
2. Improved compatibility when extracting audio tracks using Adaptec's Toast CD authoring software on most CD-ROM drives. However, if you are still experiencing problems extracting audio tracks with the Toast application, use the CD-ROM SpeedTools Audio Player for the most reliable extraction possible.
3. Some CDs made for both Mac and PC feature multiple volumes for the specific computer type. CD-SpeedTools now mounts both of these CD volumes for use with PC emulator programs such as, SoftPC, SoftWindows and VirtualPC.

NOTE: Attention Teac 32X users: Some multimedia CDs with mixed audio and data tracks may not function properly on firmware 1.0A. Support for these types of CDs is offered in later Teac firmware revisions.

NOTE: UDF CDs created using Adaptec's Direct CD product are not compatible with the Apple UDF file handler that is present in System Software (MacOS) v8.1. CD-ROM SpeedTools will mount DirectCD created discs if the DirectCD control panel was loaded at startup.

NOTE: System Software (MacOS) v8.1 can sometimes crash when inserting extended architecture CD's, such as CDi or Video CD in some CD-ROM drive models. This is not a CD-ROM SpeedTools issue, although our engineers are working on ways around it.

Control Panel Update:

1. Added "Online Guide" feature.

Audio Player Update:

1. Will now remember previous audio playback track/time position after extracting an audio file.

Additional revision history prior to version 3.8 can be found in the
CD/DVD SpeedTools "Read Me" document included with the software.

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