CD/DVD Compatibility

Compatibility Listing by Drive Manufacturer

. Compatible SCSI CD/DVD Drives:

Smart & Friendly
Pinnacle Micro
...and more...
Creative Labs

Some drive distributors sell other manufacturer's CD/DVD devices under their own name. If you don't see your model listed above, we encourage you to try our free demo version.

. Compatible IDE/ATAPI CD/DVD Drives:

Virtually every model

. Known Unsupported CD/DVD Drives:

1. Nakamichi / NEC CD Changer drives.
2. Pioneer CD Changer drives.
3. Dual function drives which support both CD-ROM and Magneto Optical medias (known as phase change technology).

Note: We do not expect to add support for the above devices anytime in the near future.

. Important Compatibility Notes:

1. CD/DVD SpeedTools supports Media Bay CD/DVD drives (as found in the PowerBook 1400, 3400 and WallStreet models), but it does not yet support the automatic "hot-swap" ability that the media bay provides. However, as of CD/DVD SpeedTools version 4.5, Intech has introduced a manual CD/DVD mounting button that when clicked after inserting a CD/DVD media bay device will allow PowerBook users full access to the device. Intech does expect to release full automatic "hot-swap" ability in a future release.

2. All PowerBook users should be especially cautious using external SCSI CD/DVD drives. While our software does fully support this configuration, you should be aware that it can be extremely difficult, if not sometimes impossible, to get an external SCSI CD or DVD drive to function properly. The SCSI ports on Powerbooks are notoriously poor in signal quality. If you want to run this configuration, please download and try our demonstration version before you purchase our software. Refunds will NOT be given for Powerbook hardware incompatibility problems.

3. CD/DVD SpeedTools does not currently support the "Wired 4 DVD" MPEG decoding card. However, we are looking into adding this support shortly. Adding this support is contingent on Wired Inc's cooperation.

4. We have recently had a few inquiries by Mac Clone owners as to the compatibility of our products with the use of MacOS 9.0.4. The answer is that we do work with this configuration and we have tested it formally in our lab. However, there seems to be reports out there about the overall compatibility and stability with MacOS 9.04 running on clones as a whole. Since 9.04 adds no extra abilities over MacOS 9.0 for clone owners, it is currently Intech's recommendation that if you are a clone owner to stay with MacOS 9.0 and not use 9.0.4 at least until more information about the situation is discovered.

CD/DVD SpeedTools is compatible with virtually all of today's top-selling SCSI and ATAPI CDROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM and DVD-RAM devices. It supports audio, single and multisession data & photo CDs on all standard model CD/DVD drives from the listed manufacturers below. Additionally, it supports all DVD media formats including DVD movie playback when used with a DVD device. DVD movie playback ability is supported on DVD devices that are connected to Mac models that have Apple DVD Player compatible MPEG decoding hardware or software capability. Plus, with our latest version, CD/DVD SpeedTools now supports reading and writing to virtually every SCSI and ATAPI DVD-RAM device on the market.

CD/DVD SpeedTools does not yet support FireWire or USB devices. However, Intech is currently in development of drivers for these interfaces and expects to provide support as soon as possible.